Core(Base) Module

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  • Linux
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Git

CORE(Base) Module

We will start from Zero, to learn with us you need only language command and passsion you can follow us the best path as per your passion, We beleive these are the best fundamentals to work with any trending futuristic technology.

  • Linux: We need to create base Layer for making good career, we belive you should learn linux for solving industry solutions, there are some linux features
    • Open Source, Customized features & Free S/w Available
    • Reliable, Secure & Portable
    • Low Cost Hardware
    • Multiuser, MultiProcessor, Multitasking, Real Time OS
    • Scientist Operating System
    • Supports Multiple Shells
    • Powerfull Command sets
    • 97% Industry they use Linux in Server world
  • SQL: Data is soul in any type of industry,to handle enterprise industry level data you need data langauge, best data language to handle huge data we use ANSI SQL- Structured Query Language



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  • Artificail Intelligance
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Proccessing
  • Natural Language Understanding
  • R
  • Python

Analytics(AI & Data Science)

In Analytics two fundamentals pillars we need to take care that is:

  • Experience(Data)
    • Traditional Data(Relational Database-RDBMS)
    • Big Data(Hadoop, Spark, DataBrick)
    • New Data(IoT, Sensors, Non Compliances data)
  • Procedure(Algorithm)
    • Use Existing Researchers Algorithm
    • Create your own Algorithm
    • Use Vendor Specifict Algorithm

Analytics is the scientific process of discovering and communicating the meaningful patterns which can be found in data.It is concerned with turning raw data into insight for making better decisions. Analytics relies on the application of statistics, computer programming, and operations research in order to quantify and gain insight to the meanings of data. It is especially useful in areas which record a lot of data or information.

Analytics provides us with meaningful information which may otherwise be hidden from us within large quantities of data. It is something that any leader, manager or just about anyone can make use of especially in today’s data-driven word. Information has long been considered as a great weapon, and analytics is the forge that creates it. Analytics changes everything, not just in the world of business, but also in science, sports, health care and just about any field where vast amounts of data are collected.


Big Data

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  • Spark(PySpark)
  • DataBricks

Big Data

To process Big Data we need Distributed large scale data processing engine, in market there are few options we have we can select any one of this:

  • Spark:
    Easy of use(Write application quickly in multiple modern programming language).
    Run workloads 100x faster.
  • DataBricks:
    Higher level BigData Analytics platform that includes multi-user support an interactive UI, Cluster Sharing(multiple users can connect to the same cluster, saving cost) having good features of Security(access controls to the whole workspace, clusters and many more) as per our corporate trainings we found this is most required trending and futuristic technology which can used in enterprise industry solution as a tool with cloud computing(AWS, Azure & GCP).



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  • AWS-Developer, DevOps, SysOps, Arctitecture & Specialization-Machine Learning &
  • Azure - (Devloper,SysOps,Arctitecture)
  • GCP - (Devloper,SysOps,Arctitecture)

Playground for NextGen.(Cloud)

To implement best solution for industry in different scenarios, we need to prepare Cloud Platform to handle bigdata and automation environment. and also Cloud Computing technology will help you to store unlimited data, computing,networking and many more, which will be day to day challenges we have in industry. here we introduce best Cloud leaders in Industry They are:

  1. Amazon Web Service(AWS)
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. GCP - (Google Cloud Platform)

We will help you in your journey with different areas like

  • Making good career in cloud technology
  • Gaining international certifications in Cloud which boost your salary double.
  • improve knowledge to solve real time scenarios.
  • switching from traditional technology to cloud technology



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  • Development
  • Scripting (Python)
  • DevOps
  • SysOps
  • CloudOps
  • AIOps

DevXXX- Automation(DevOps) & Development

As we know industry moving to automation and reduce cost in productions, professional thought process change from hard work to smart work. we introduce you automation to help developer and management together with DevOps most successfull and futuristic trending technology, we will start from the basics of DevOps which Helps developers to automation Software development process Lifecycle, and Also automate to management using Agile(able to move quickly & easily) practices. Agile is set of ideals & principals.

In Automation we have multiple choices based on passion you can move, these are the fields available in Software Automation:

1. DevOps - Developer to Release Automation
2. SysOps - Automation in System Administrator tasks
3. CloudOps - This includes both SysOps and DevOps but instead of Virtualization/baremetal we use cloud here
4. AIOps - AI and Automation(This stream still not stable under research)