Fire Fighting And Smoke Controling (F.F.S.C.)

NTPL offers support in designing comprehensive firefighting systems for a diverse range of facilities, including hotels, high-rise buildings, mixed-use developments, residential complexes, commercial spaces, schools, data centers, hospitals, malls, restaurants, cold rooms, villas, and industrial projects. Our designs adhere to client-specific fire and life safety standards, model building/fire codes, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA code), Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), National Building Code (NBC), Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) regulations, and other country/region-specific standards. Our FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM design and detailing services encompass the following:

Here are key aspects of these services:

  • Implementation of smoke detection, sprinkler, and gas suppression systems.
  • Calculation of water storage capacity and pump sizing.
  • Determination of gas quantity for fire suppression systems.
  • Design and preparation of schematic diagrams (BIM/CAD).
  • Design and preparation of layout drawings for sprinkler, hydrant, water spray, foam systems.
  • Fuel gas management as required.
  • Implementation of FM200 Fire Suppression Systems.